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Haili warehouse technology independently develops the customer order management system (OMS) for overseas warehouses in the United States, which is convenient for customers to make their own documents in the system and timely issue tracking numbers to e-commerce customers for tracking and inquiry

Precise order management system

  • 01 Big data analysis

    Statistical analysis of various reports and forms for your Internet plus.

  • 02financial statements

    It can show the financial situation of a certain period comprehensively and systematically

  • 03Order management

    For users to solve ordering, delivery, order management and other issues, 。

  • 04 Commodity management

    Simple and powerful commodity management system allows users to quickly find goods

  • 05Service advantages

    Average daily order: 3W +, the loss error rate of operation in the warehouse is one thousand

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Overseas warehouse

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Haili is dedicated to efficiency commitment!

Haili will make a pre clear electronic declaration before the arrival of the goods. After the arrival of the goods, it can directly arrange the pick-up and transfer, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the goods in the United States.