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Sincerely manage orders based on overseas warehouses

Precision overseas warehouse order management system
5Too much power
Ojiki data analysis
All kinds of reports and statistical decision-making are woven into each other, providing data support to help management people effectively make decisions and decisions
But he must have pursued the report
Comprehensively and systematically display the financial situation of a certain period of time, which provides economic forecasting and decision-making for enterprises
Order management
One-stop solution to users' problems such as goods, delivery, order management, etc., saving a lot of strength, material resources and financial resources.
Manage with merchandise
A simple and powerful product management system that allows users to quickly find products and facilitate transaction decisions
Service advantages
Efficiency of overseas warehouses, daily average orders:3w+,Rent-free period:30 day,Airfreight listing: 24 hour,Seafreight listing:48 hour,send out goods:12 hour, One thousandth error rate in operation loss

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