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  • FBA in standard


    FBA change is a professional service provided by Hailicang specifically for Amazon sellers. Mainly related to Amazon FBA standard change related one-stop service.
    FBA label change reminder:
    1. Haili Warehouse will not accept any FBA rebranded goods involving third-party brands. After any imitation brand is sent to the overseas warehouse of Haili Warehouse, we will destroy or report to the local management department.
    2. After the FBA label change, the overseas warehouse of Haili Warehouse will be photographed in the system, which requires the customer to confirm the warehousing within one week. After two weeks, it will be treated as unclaimed goods.
    FBA swapping content
    For the seller's products to be listed in listing as soon as possible, the content of FBA labeling and exchange service is as follows:
    1. Provide the warehouse address, and the seller can remove the order on Amazon;
    2. When the package is delivered to the warehouse, the customer will claim the package in Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse System and upload the new product label in the system;
    3. The warehouse counted the quantity of the warehouse and affixed new product labels according to the requirements of Amazon;
    4. At the same time, combine packaging to ensure that the weight of each box is not more than 50LBS, reduce the number of boxes, and help customers save logistics costs; Provide new combined packing list or pallet data to the customer;
    5. When the warehouse receives the new outer box label or pallet label, it will choose the most favorable solution and send it to FBA.
    Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse provides the seller with the following services:
    1- Maintenance on the shelf
    Most of the returned goods are new products, damaged or slightly defective packaging, and it is a pity to discard them directly. For some products with high value, Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse can conduct quality inspection, and the seller can decide whether to repair them, and then charge a certain fee to maximize the product value.
    2- Destruction treatment
    In western countries, all product destruction requires regular cleaning, so Amazon charges for FBA destruction. In contrast, some products, such as clothes, can be disposed of in overseas warehouses, donated to volunteer organizations, or sold to local stores and wholesalers.
    The exchange price of Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse is preferential, please consult, thank you
    Business process of Haili warehouse FBA transit warehouse:
    I. Transhipment warehouse means that e-commerce customers first send the goods to the local overseas warehouse by sea, air, express, etc., and then transfer the goods to FBA warehouse or other warehouses according to the required quantity of goods.
    FBA Transhipment Warehouse of Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse FBA Transhipment Warehouse is responsible for receiving goods by sea or air from cross-border e-commerce customers and delivering them to FBA Warehouse in batches according to customer needs. Our overseas warehouse will choose the best cost-effective solutions to help customers save costs.
    Reasons for choosing Haili warehouse for FBA change of bid
    I. Brand value:
    1. Formal, Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse is an overseas investment enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China and Shenzhen Municipal Government. The total investment is 15 million US dollars, about 106.5 million RMB.
    2. Reliable, serving as the first cross-border e-commerce industry association in charge of the government in China -- Overseas Warehouse of Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Association (now upgraded to logistics)
    3, excellent, demonstration warehouse, every year is rated as the industry advanced, won many industry awards, many are the only award, especially by the majority of customers highly appraised.
    4. Industry standards. Participated in government policy-making research meetings on behalf of the industry for many times, and many suggestions were adopted by the government. Assist government to develop industry standards and policies.
    II. Powerful hardware and software strength:
    1. Strong processing capacity, daily order processing capacity is more than 100,000. Big customers have no worries.
    2. Powerful software, trial calculation of system costs, docking with mainstream ERP and mainstream e-commerce platforms, accurate operation of tens of thousands of SKUs.
    3. Standard hardware, 24 feet high shelf, electric forklift, passed the strict inspection of American safety standards.
    4. The exclusive intelligent price matching system for order quantity enables big customers to automatically offer the best price without bargaining, which is more worrying and saving money than building overseas warehouses.
    5. Self-operated American East Warehouse 98,000 feet. 8000 card plates. Three-dimensional intelligent shelves 16 unloading platforms. Unload 30 containers per day
    3. Obvious service advantages:
    1. Good service. It is a team with many years of experience in overseas warehouse to provide quality service.
    2, fast delivery, the United States multi-warehouse layout, the east warehouse, the west warehouse and the south warehouse, the same day of the order processing.
    3. Safe, the warehouse is clean and dry, and there is no dead corner supervision 24 hours a day.
    Fourth, policy support, obvious price advantage.
    People always ask our company whether you are a government company, and we say no, but the government support we get is rare in China. Therefore, in addition to reliable, we can get the top prices of the first and last journey in the country.