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FBA Label Replacement

Service Introduction

FBA label change is a professional service provided by Haili Warehouse specifically for Amazon sellers. It mainly involves a one-stop service related to Amazon FBA label replacement.

FBA label change reminder

1. Haili Warehouse does not accept any FBA rebranded products involving third-party brands. Any counterfeit products that arrive at Haili Warehouse's overseas warehouse will be destroyed or reported to the local management department.
2. After the FBA changes the label, the overseas warehouse of Haili Warehouse will take photos into the system, and the customer needs to confirm the storage within one week. If it exceeds two weeks, it will be treated as unclaimed goods.

FBA Label Replacement Content

To quickly list the seller's products, the FBA labeling and labeling service includes the following:
1. Provide the warehouse address, and the seller can remove the order on Amazon;
2. After the package is delivered to the warehouse, the customer claims the package in the overseas warehouse system of Haili Warehouse and uploads a new product label in the system;
3. Inventory the quantity of products received from the warehouse and re label them with new product labels according to Amazon's requirements;
4. Simultaneously merge and package to ensure that the weight of each box does not exceed 50LBS, reduce the number of boxes, and help customers save logistics costs; And provide new consolidated packing list or pallet data to customers;
5. The warehouse receives new outer box labels or pallet labels, and chooses the most favorable solution to send to FBA at a discount
Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse provides sellers with label replacement processing services, including:
1- Maintenance and shelving
Many of the returned goods are new, with damaged packaging or slight defects. It is a pity to discard them directly. For some high value products, the overseas warehouse of Haili Warehouse can conduct quality inspection. The seller decides whether to repair them and charges a certain fee to maximize product value.
2- Destruction processing
In Western countries, all product destruction requires formal cleaning, so Amazon FBA requires payment for destruction. In contrast, for some products, sellers can find overseas warehouses to handle, such as clothes, which can be donated to some volunteer organizations or sold to local stores and wholesalers.
Haili Warehouse's overseas warehouse offers discounts on bid exchange prices. Please consult. Thank you


Haili Warehouse FBA Transit Warehouse Business Process:
1、 A transit warehouse refers to an e-commerce customer who first sends the goods to the local overseas warehouse by sea/air freight/express delivery, and then transfers them to the FBA warehouse or other warehouses according to the required quantity of goods.
Haili Warehouse Overseas Warehouse FBA Transit Warehouse is responsible for receiving cross-border e-commerce customers' sea or air freight goods, and wholesale FBA warehouses according to customer needs. Our overseas warehouse will choose the most cost-effective solution to help customers save costs.
Reasons for choosing Haili warehouse for FBA's bid change
1: Brand Value:
1. It is a legitimate overseas investment enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. The total investment is 15 million US dollars, approximately 106.5 million RMB.
2. Reliable, serving as the first cross-border e-commerce industry association managed by the government in China - Shenzhen Cross border E-commerce Association Overseas Warehouse (now upgraded to logistics)
3. Excellent, demonstration warehouse, rated as advanced in the industry every year, has won multiple industry awards, many of which are unique awards, especially highly praised by customers.
4. Industry standards, representing the industry multiple times in government policy research meetings, and many suggestions have been adopted by the government. Assist the government in formulating industry standards and policies.
2、 Strong software and hardware capabilities:
1. Strong processing power, with a daily order processing capacity of over 100000 orders. Big customers have no worries.
2. Powerful software, system cost trial calculation, integration with mainstream ERP and mainstream e-commerce platforms, accurate operation of tens of thousands of SKUs.
3. Standard hardware, 24 foot high shelves, electric forklifts, strictly inspected according to American safety standards.
4. The exclusive development of an intelligent price matching system for order volume allows major customers to automatically provide the best price without bargaining, which saves worry and money compared to building their own overseas warehouse.
5. Self operated Meidong Warehouse 98000 feet. 8000 card slots. 16 unloading platforms for three-dimensional intelligent shelves. Daily unloading of 30 containers
3、 Obvious service advantages:
1. Good service, a team with years of experience in overseas warehouses provides high-quality services, and warehouse employees meet US employment standards.
2. Fast delivery, multi warehouse layout across the United States, with eastern warehouses, western warehouses, and southern warehouses. Orders processed on the same day.
3. Safe, the warehouse is clean, dry, and there is no dead corner monitoring 24 hours a day.
4、 Policy support and significant price advantage.
Someone always asks our company if you are a government owned company, and we say no, but the support we receive from the government is rare in China. Therefore, in addition to being reliable, we can obtain top first and final prices in the country.