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About Us

Shenzhen Haili Technology Co., Ltd., launched in 2011, is a professional U.S. overseas warehouse company, focusing on providing high-quality overseas warehouse landing supporting services for logistics and e-commerce platforms. Its main business covers the current mainstream cross-border e-commerce service types, including overseas warehouse one-piece consignment (B2C), FBA replacement, bulk cargo transfer (FBA replenishment), virtual overseas warehouse, customs clearance Delivery and other full-service, in the United States, China has directly under the company and overseas warehouse. Perfect overseas warehouse network layout, strong warehouse management ability, final transshipment and local delivery with competitive advantages. Enhance the competitiveness of Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers in the local market and help Chinese sellers sail out to sea!
Haili's mission is to integrate overseas storage resources and build a technology virtual warehouse and storage platform.
Haili's business philosophy - focus on professionalism, "professional services and advanced Internet technology in exchange for the best customer experience" is the purpose of Haili's sustainable business.
On "honesty, tolerance, innovation and service"
Haili believes that honesty is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the premise of solving problems, innovation is a sharp tool for development, and service is the foundation of creating value.
Three advantages of Haley's US overseas position:
1: Air freight will be on the shelves within 24 hours.
2: Shipping within 48 hours.
3: The error rate of operation loss in the library is one thousand.