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Warehouse Forwarding Service

  • Overseas warehouse transfer/replenishment service


    In the peak season, the logistics cost rises sharply, and the time of replenishment from China to the United States is very slow, which makes it easy for sellers to miss the sales in the peak season. Therefore, the seller will import a batch of goods from China to the United States in advance, and store them in the third-party overseas warehouse first. When the FBA's goods are almost sold out, the seller can make an appointment in advance to replenish the goods in the FBA warehouse.
    Operation process of overseas warehouse transfer / replenishment
    1: The Seller prepares the goods in China and the forwarder transports the goods to the United States
    2: Customers use their own VAT customs clearance, and submit the cargo + C88 document to Haili overseas warehouse
    3: The warehouse receives the goods and sends back the arrival information to the customer for confirmation, and then transfers / replenishes the goods to FBA according to the customer's demand.
    Haili overseas transfer / replenishment
    1: During the peak season, it is guaranteed that there will be no warehouse arrangement and no appointment
    2: Save 50% of freight cost
    3: Logistics timeliness: 2-5 working days
    4: All warehouses support this service