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  • Overseas warehouse one for one


    The process of one piece consignment in overseas warehouse
    1: The customer establishes the delivery plan and provides the delivery list
    2: The warehouse receives the goods and clears the goods according to the invoice
    3: Confirm the arrival information with customers and put it on the shelf to the warehouse system
    4: Domestic customer service teaches customers to use the system to create orders
    5: The customer creates an order in the system
    6: Warehouse to work, according to the order picking, waiting for the door-to-door delivery
    7: One will be sent on behalf.
    Advantages of Haili overseas warehouse
    1: 50% lower than the platform
    2: Effective Internet access within 12 hours
    3: Optimal delivery of intelligent sub warehouse
    4: US East allocates us
    Advantages of Haili's distribution channel
    Volume weight divided by 6000 foam, freight 50% lower than platform
    Common problems of Haili overseas warehouse
    1: What's the difference between a consignment and a parcel direct mail?
    There is an essential difference between the two.
    One consignment usually refers to the overseas warehouse of cross-border e-commerce. One consignment is to realize the local delivery of products with the help of local warehouses, so as to improve the timeliness of product delivery and enhance the shopping experience of buyers. In recent years, the mode of one-piece distribution has been widely used.
    2: How long does it take for an overseas warehouse to deliver goods?
    The specific time limit depends on where the goods are sent. Take the overseas warehouse in the United States as an example, the time limit for sending the goods to Meidong is about 3-7 working days (excluding remote areas) on the same day or the next day
    3: What are the advantages of a daifa?
    1. Personalize one-piece distribution, reduce investment cost, and exchange the minimum cost for the maximum benefit
    2. Localization of shipping address, the seller can appropriately increase the price, more competitive
    3. Efficient order processing, to ensure that the buyer orders on the same day, warehouse processing on the same day, refuse to delay delivery
    4. customer experience is good, can effectively achieve customer returns, customer service team, timely feedback, awesome.