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Haili Service
Haili Overseas Warehouse aggregates multiple supplier distribution channels such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, LTL, etc. to provide e-commerce sellers, overseas warehouse enterprises, and logistics and freight forwarding companies with domestic and international express delivery and customs clearance and transportation services.
Domestic express delivery
Haili Overseas Warehouse connects the entire online and offline process, integrates the Lab billing system, and ensures safe and stable shipping worldwide without leaving the home.
Customs clearance and transportation
With years of experience in T86 customs clearance, we provide professional and efficient one-stop landing services.
International Express Service
Support the global shipping time of 3-5 days in the United States, and assist enterprises in sending high time and low prices to the world.
Return label
Improve the flexibility of cross-border e-commerce sellers to return goods, accelerate the cross-border return process, and reduce costs.
Service advantages
Express resources
  • Nearly $100 million in annual business volume with freight companies such as FedEx and UPS
  • Top 50 courier accounts in the United States, at the same level as companies such as Apple and Amazon
  • Competitive prices and one-on-one services within the industry
  • LTL business
  • Delivery of oversized products weighing over 150 pounds
  • The only large-scale Chinese network in the United States, collaborating with over a hundred truckload resources in the United States, is building a nationwide network in the United States
  • Delivery of maximum product unit 2T of goods
  • Uniform price across the United States
  • Own truck business
  • Nine major cities in the United States have truck fleets
  • We are the only multi city service company that provides comprehensive services such as white gloves, in room, installation, etc
  • Previously served 30% of Amazon XL project business volume
  • Cloud delivery warehouse
  • Accessible from mainland United States
  • Unified pricing across the United States, serving small and medium-sized wholesale, and adapting to supply chain frontiers
  • Support warehouse centric offline stores for small batch and high-frequency replenishment
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