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What is the operating process for overseas warehouses?
2023-04-17 12:19

For many new cross-border sellers, the concept of overseas warehouses is still very vague in their minds. How do cross-border sellers choose overseas warehouses? What is the operating process for overseas warehouses? Everyone is not very clear that cross-border sellers choosing overseas warehouses need to judge based on their actual situation, and only those who are suitable for themselves are correct.
What is the operating process for overseas warehouses?
Seller's preliminary preparation:
Firstly, register as a member on the logistics platform provided by the overseas warehouse service provider, open a backend account, and become a member;
Then establish your own product information sheet in the backend system;
Then we can stock up;
Finally, we will wait for the shipment arrangement notification after the overseas warehouse confirms the order.
Overseas warehouse usage process:
Chinese sellers collectively transport their goods to overseas storage centers for storage through sea freight, air freight, or express delivery, and issue operational instructions through the inventory management system of logistics service providers. The specific process is as follows:
1. The seller transports the goods themselves to the overseas warehouse center, or entrusts a logistics service provider to deliver the goods to the service provider's overseas warehouse. This international freight first leg can be delivered to the warehouse by sea, air, or express delivery.
2. Sellers can remotely manage overseas warehouses online. The seller uses the logistics information system of the logistics provider to remotely operate the goods stored overseas and maintain real-time updates.
3. Operate the goods according to the seller's instructions. According to the automated operation equipment of the logistics provider's overseas warehouse center, strictly follow the seller's instructions to store, sort, package, and deliver the goods.
4. Real time updates of system information.
After the shipment is completed, the system will update in a timely manner, so that the seller can keep track of the inventory status in real-time.