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What's the difference between overseas warehouse and direct

Date of issue:2021-06-24 17:53Number of views:

What's the difference between overseas warehouse and direct mail?
Which is better, a consignment or small package direct mail? I've heard from friends that it's better to send an overseas warehouse on behalf of others, and that it's more suitable to send a small package by direct mail. I don't know how to choose?
There is an essential difference between sending a package on behalf of others and sending a small package by direct mail
1. Conceptually speaking:
Overseas warehouse one-piece consignment usually refers to the one-time delivery of cross-border e-commerce's overseas warehouse, that is, the local delivery through the local warehouse, so as to improve the timeliness of product delivery and enhance the buyer's shopping experience. In recent years, single power generation mode has been widely used.
Xiaobao direct mail is to entrust express companies to send products directly from China to foreign buyers. The most common customers are China Post, international express and international special line.
2. In terms of practicability:
The first is to help the seller save the time and cost of packaging and delivery; Secondly, the overall freight rate of bulk products will be lower than that of small package direct mail; In other words, consignment is sent from country to country, and direct parcel mail is sent from country to country, so the timeliness is much higher than direct parcel mail. The most convenient is operation and maintenance. After the product is delivered in the local overseas warehouse, it can improve the buyer's trust and shopping experience, enhance the product stickiness and increase sales.
The biggest advantages of small package direct mail are convenient operation, simple process and flexible delivery. For small sellers with unstable market share at the beginning, small package direct mail will not bring too much economic pressure and inventory pressure to sellers, even in the off-season, it will not cause the crisis of capital chain.
Haili warehouse summary and suggestions
It is more suitable for the old seller who has a firm foothold in the market, and the small package direct mail is more suitable for the small seller who needs to lay a foundation soon after entering the cross-border circle.