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What are the differences between overseas warehouse and FBA

Date of issue:2021-06-24 17:51Number of views:

What are the differences between overseas warehouse and FBA? Which is better? Amazon FBA and overseas warehouse have been confused
In essence, there is no difference between overseas warehouse and FBA. Both of them provide integrated warehousing and distribution services for sellers. But there are obvious differences in service content and form between them.
1. The difference between service providers: FBA is Amazon's official warehouse allocation service, and after-sales service is provided by Amazon; The overseas warehouse is provided by the third party service provider and is responsible for the storage and distribution of the seller's products.

2. The difference of service form. After the seller sends the goods to FBA, there is no need to deal with the delivery related issues. The whole process from sorting to delivery is completed by FBA. The overseas warehouse is divided into two parts, first sorting and packaging in the warehouse, and then entrusting the local express company to complete the delivery service.
3. The difference of service content. FBA's service content is relatively simple, that is to simply help the seller deliver the goods. The service content of overseas warehouse is more abundant. In addition to basic warehouse delivery, it also provides related services such as labeling and label replacement, single piece delivery, transfer and replenishment, product inspection and front-end logistics. For example, worry free overseas warehouse can also realize customized service according to customer requirements.
4. Overall price difference. Integrating all the services, FBA is more expensive, while the overall cost performance of overseas warehouses is higher.
Haili warehouse overseas warehouse tips: it is suggested that the seller can use the second one if possible. In the early stage, stores can not only get the flow support of FBA, but also use overseas warehouses to revitalize the inventory backlog of FBA. In addition, we can also use the overseas warehouse as the after-sale address of the product to help the seller reduce the operation and maintenance costs.