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Does the US overseas warehouse need a tax number to use

Date of issue:2021-06-24 17:46Number of views:

Does overseas warehouse need tax number to use?

[supplementary question]: shouldn't the delivery of goods be related to the warehouse? How can the tax number be involved? This depends on which site you mainly do. If it is a European market, then the tax number is a must; If it's in the U.S., it can not be used for the time being.
Many sellers don't understand why the use of overseas warehouses should be linked to VAT tax. In fact, this is closely related to European policies. Take the UK as an example. In the first two years, sellers have been strictly required to handle the UK VAT number. If there is no such tax number, the platform must deal with it, otherwise the Amazon platform will also be involved( The storm of closing stores in the past two years is a true portrayal.)
After the seller has handled the British tax number, there will be an eori number to match it. This number can also be called the customs code. Your products need to be used in customs clearance. After customs clearance, there will be two documents C88 and c79. If you do not have a tax number or use the tax number of the freight forwarder for customs clearance, there will not be these two documents.
You should know that all third-party overseas warehouses in the UK must comply with fhdds laws and regulations. In short, the seller must issue a C88 document when using the third-party overseas warehouse service. If you can't provide the document, then naturally you can't use the third-party overseas warehouse.