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How to Choose a Suitable Overseas Warehouse Company for Fore
2023-04-17 12:19

As a product of cross-border e-commerce, overseas warehouse companies rely on and assist cross-border e-commerce. Foreign trade companies choose suitable overseas warehouse companies based on their own products, and make good use of the advantages of overseas warehouses. Not only can they fully develop cross-border trade, but they can also save a lot of costs. So, how do foreign trade companies choose and utilize overseas warehouse companies? Below, the editor of Haili Warehouse's supply chain will introduce it to you.
Regarding how to utilize overseas warehouse companies, foreign trade companies should first choose overseas warehouses based on their own products. The advantages of overseas warehouses are particularly in terms of cost reduction, such as faucets, which do not have much standardization. Bulk shipping to overseas warehouses by sea greatly reduces logistics costs, making them suitable for use. However, some products require inventory analysis to better utilize overseas warehouses. For seasonal consumer goods such as clothing and footwear, sellers need to manage inventory and sales cycles in order to better utilize overseas warehouses.
The overseas warehouses established and operated by third-party logistics companies will provide customs clearance, warehousing quality inspection, order acceptance, commodity sorting, distribution and other services for many cross-border e-commerce enterprises. Overseas warehouses can also provide services such as FBA returns and exchanges, warehouse transfers, re printing or labeling, product testing, and customs duty payment. In this way, it can solve the transportation difficulties of logistics for small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises.
When using overseas warehouse companies, it is necessary to concentrate sales resources. Once dispersed, overseas warehouse company products are prone to slow sales. In addition, the product must sell well. If it is stored in overseas warehouses and sold slowly, the overall cost will increase. Some products are unsold or have a long turnover period, which can affect cost increases (such as warehouse rent fees).
At the same time, in the operation of overseas warehouse companies, it is not difficult to find that most of the exported overseas warehouses are charged in RMB, but the operating expenses of overseas warehouse companies are in US dollars, which can be relatively cumbersome and result in exchange rate losses. The return or damage of goods may increase the seller's operating costs.