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Is FBA's final delivery better by sea or by card

Date of issue:2021-06-24 17:52Number of views:

What is Shanghai style? What is kappa
Haipai and kapai both refer to the final delivery of FBA shipping delivery. Literally, one is to deliver the product to the local express company after customs clearance. The common express delivery in Weicheng includes international express and local representative express. For example, in addition to DPD, there are youdel, Hermes and so on. In the UK; Ups and FedEx are the main products in the United States.
Another kind of kapai means that the goods are transported to the destination by the local truck freight company contacted by the freight forwarder after customs clearance.
The difference between Shanghai style and kapai style in late delivery:
In addition to the different forms of delivery, the biggest difference between the two is the flexibility of product transportation. Shanghai Express is carried by local express company, so it will be limited by express conditions, such as maximum length and maximum weight. There is a big difference between the freight of small pieces less than 30kg and large pieces more than 30kg. The seller will limit the weight and volume to a certain extent to avoid the extra long or overweight costs.
There is no limit on the weight and volume of the card, as long as it can be loaded, it can be transported.
Advantages and disadvantages of Shanghai style and Ka style
The advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of final delivery are directly determined by their flexibility in product transportation. Haipai is a little obvious. It covers a wide range of places, where express delivery can reach, and a wide range of acceptable products, mainly small pieces and spare parts. The delivery is fast, the cost is reasonable, and there will be no other expenses. The cost is usually calculated in kg. The disadvantages are obvious. There are many product restrictions, which are not suitable for some large products such as furniture and travel tools.
The advantages of kapai just make up for the disadvantages of Shanghai style, which is very suitable for larger products and super long products, but it is not good in product transportation flexibility, and it is not suitable for small parts and loose parts. Usually it is mainly mass point-to-point transportation, such as full container or half container. The cost is calculated by volume.
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