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Local pickup services in the United States

Service Introduction

Haili-FBA has established long-term and friendly strategic partnerships with multiple large local truck transportation companies to provide localized, efficient and safe pick-up services. From Monday to Friday, vehicles are arranged to pick up goods at various cargo stations/ports at the airport every working day, familiarizing themselves with the pick-up regulations of various airlines/ports, and communicating with the cargo station/port staff in advance to determine the waiting time, in order to avoid incurring a large amount of waiting fees as much as possible, It also ensures the time for connecting and transferring goods upon arrival in the United States.

Service advantages

Service characteristics
Haili FBA will conduct pre Clear electronic declaration before the arrival of the goods, and once the goods arrive, they can be directly arranged for pick-up and transit work, greatly improving the operational efficiency of goods in the United States.

Service process