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Local delivery services in the United States

Service Introduction

Haili-FBA has a local delivery advantage account for UPS/FedEx in the United States, and also achieves API integration with domestic and foreign delivery systems. Currently, UPS/FedEx places two to three empty containers on the FBA dedicated unloading dock every day from Monday to Friday. Once our related business is full, we will notify the official doorstep to pick up the goods by phone, saving a lot of time. For goods that require card delivery, we will also arrange special vehicles for delivery. For Amazon and other overseas warehouses, we will make an appointment before delivery, track truck positioning in real-time, and send a signed receipt (POD) after delivery.
Advantages of Haili Warehouse's Local Delivery Service
Service mode:
1. At present, domestic delivery in the United States mainly relies on UPS or FEDEX to complete the final delivery, and the main service method is still ground ground service. Our account has great advantages, and different discount voucher accounts can be combined for use.
2. At present, UPS GFP services, FEDEX MWT services, and UPS GROUP services are mainly used, and sea freight multi card shipments are sent to major Amazon warehouses.
Service features:
1. The POD delivered by the truck is transmitted in real-time to the CCS system, allowing customers to view it in real-time.
2. Use a combination of different voucher making accounts to reduce shipping costs and ensure delivery time.
3. The voucher making account can meet the needs of various types of goods and has an advantage in price.
4. Reasonably arrange flights to the East or West of the United States based on the delivery area of the bill of lading, and optimize the delivery time.
The characteristics of local delivery services in Haili Warehouse
Haili FBA independently develops a CCS system, which facilitates customers to create their own orders within the system and promptly issue tracking numbers for e-commerce customers to track and inquire. The batch order function provides convenience for customers' order making work.
Haili Warehouse Local Delivery Service Process