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Trailer service and its process

Service Introduction

Hailikang Technology can provide trailer service

Trailer process

After booking, Haili Warehouse will receive a booking confirmation letter (commonly known as a packing list or transfer list) and send it to the towing company, informing them of the delivery time, packing location, contact person, and phone number. (The specific packing time needs to be coordinated and confirmed with the factory and trailer company.)
After receiving the booking confirmation letter, the towing company arranges to process the order, which means taking the booking confirmation letter to the designated location and replacing it with something called the "Equipment Handover Form". This' Equipment Handover Form 'will be used later on.
The trailer driver takes the "Equipment Handover Form" to the designated container yard to pick up empty containers. After mentioning the empty box, arrive at the factory on time according to the confirmed packing location and time to prepare for packing.
Start packing, after loading, seal the container, and the driver pulls the loaded box back to the designated storage yard. After receiving the boxes, the yard sends the arrival information to the customs system.
After the customs system successfully receives the arrival information, it can be officially declared for customs clearance