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What are the importance and necessity of establishing overse
2023-04-17 12:19

Overseas warehousing refers to cross-border e-commerce enterprises exporting goods in bulk to overseas warehouses according to general trade methods. After the e-commerce platform completes sales, the goods are delivered to overseas consumers.
The establishment of overseas warehouses is to facilitate timely delivery of goods by overseas customers and seize market opportunities; Improve the processing speed of customer returns and exchanges; Increase customer satisfaction; At the same time, in order to further increase the exposure of products, overseas logistics warehouses are increasingly attracting export trade enterprises. With the rapid development of B2C and C2C logistics operation models, overseas warehousing operation models have become increasingly popular cross-border logistics delivery methods due to their advantages such as localized product sales, shortened logistics time, fully local operation, reduced logistics costs, increased profit margins, and obtaining multiple orders.
In order to comply with the trend of cross-border e-commerce, more and more people are starting to establish overseas warehouse projects. Establishing a complete and sound overseas warehouse requires time, but in addition to time, a sound and comprehensive overseas warehouse system is also needed to manage the warehouse. If only manual management is needed, it will not only be costly, but sometimes it is not known who will be responsible if something goes wrong. If there is a system, It is very convenient to use a system for management, which can reduce the cost of manual use. The system has a very clear division of labor for each department employee, making it easy to know which link has errors and handle them in a timely manner. This can increase customer satisfaction.