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How to choose a third-party overseas warehouse?
2023-04-17 12:19

For many cross-border e-commerce newcomers who travel to the United States, having a US overseas warehouse is a must. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing an overseas warehouse in the United States, and how do you choose?
How to choose an overseas warehouse in the United States?
Haili Warehouse believes that choosing an overseas warehouse is best based on automation products, such as:
Large size and heavy weight products, such as home gardening, automotive accessories, etc., can break through product specifications and reduce logistics costs by using overseas warehouses.
Products with high unit price and high gross profit, such as electronic products, jewelry, watches, glass products, etc. The damage rate and component loss rate can be controlled at a very low level, reducing the risk for sellers selling high-value goods.
Products with high turnover rates, such as best-selling products such as fashion and fast moving consumer goods, can be processed and withdrawn faster by buyers through overseas warehouses.
Products with obvious off-season: For example, products that meet the theme of European and American festivals during the peak season are suitable for overseas warehouses in the short term. For holiday consumer goods, buyers pay more attention to timeliness.
Products with large order volume: Although the sales speed is relatively slow, products with a certain sales scale can also choose to go overseas.
Products that cannot be transported across domestic parcels of land, such as liquid products with higher profits or lithium battery products.
What are the advantages of American overseas warehouses
1. It can effectively avoid logistics peak periods
Usually, everyone is very busy and there are very few people delivering food. However, many merchants will ship during the holiday period, which seriously affects the speed of logistics operation and thus affects the delivery time. This can lead to a large number of complaints, etc. After using the overseas warehouse, only the shipping instructions need to be issued.
2. Can be returned
Almost every buyer attaches great importance to after-sales service, so returning a single item directly to an overseas warehouse is both convenient and convenient.
3. Reduce logistics costs
Cross border e-commerce exports goods to overseas warehouses in the form of general trade, completing the first shipment in bulk, and saving costs through international express delivery of scattered goods.